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Picture Hanging Service

Residential Picture HangingPicture hanging looks very simple to do; however, it’s often one of the most difficult and stressful task a homeowner faces. It looks so simple to do, until you actually have to get it done! Imagine the stress you can avoid if you and your spouse don’t have to argue about the placement, height, and spacing of your pictures! Additionally, you don’t have to worry about purchasing all of the tools and supplies needed…..ladders, level, drill, masking tape, screwdriver, hammer, fasteners. And you don’t have to do the clean up….that’s our job.

We use a professional-quality Bosch laser level, stud-finder, and the right fastener for your picture hanging needs….each and every time. I special order some of my favorite anchors, such as Wall-Dogs and E-ZAncors.

Unsure of how high to hang your pictures? Rest easy. We use a mathematical formula based on industry gallery standards to hang your art work.

Commercial Picture HangingOur expertise includes:

  • Designing and hanging art groupings
  • Installing pictures in stairways
  • Installing cork and dry erase boards
  • Hanging large and heavy pictures

We are here to help with many client needs:

  • Residential
  • Corporate
  • Gallery
  • Restaurants