Picture Hanging Company

Meet Chris Thomas – The Picture Hanger

Picture Hanging Company - Chris & WillieI was born in California and grew up in the Evergreen area. I love Colorado and all this beautiful state has to offer. I have been married to Lu for 30 years, and we both enjoy spending time in the mountains.

I have been a handyman for 28 years in the Denver metro area. Picture hanging has been an integral part of my business for 17 years.

Pro Picture Hanging LLC is my pride and joy. I absolutely love this work and I take great pride in my abilities and accomplishments. This company grew naturally from operating A Very Handy Man LLC over the last 28 years. Each year that I did picture hanging work through my handy man company I learned more and built my skill set. I’ve chosen to focus all of my time on picture hanging because I enjoy the work so much and take pride in being one of the top installers in all of Colorado.

You can rely on my artistic talents to design the project and collaborate with you to ensure your special art is installed beautifully. Your installations will have flow, continuity, and impact. I truly enjoy what I do, and I would be honored to have your trust and confidence to install your art work.